The National Modernization Act

By advocating for our nation and our planet, we have the chance to drastically change the path ahead and the lives of all who will walk it.

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Our Vision

We control our future.

We have a vision of coming together, as one nation, unifying for a common cause. We believe that a coordinated effort, across partisan lines, can create new foundations and initiatives, halting climate change. 

The goal of clean, renewable energy sources, updating America's infrastructure, revising power delivery and transportation systems and creating effective employment programs can be achieved through a holistic, coordinated, bipartisan legislative act. 

By advocating for our nation and our planet, we have the chance to drastically change the path ahead and lives of all who will walk it.


Our Mission

Coming together, as one nation, for our future.

The mission of the NMA is to implement Congressional legislation that establishes clean, renewable energy sources; moderates climate changes; introduces pollution-free vehicular transportation systems; improves our roads, bridges, and tunnels; creates a universal electric-power delivery system with an updated national grid; incorporates an employment training and placement program to create and increase jobs; and includes a practical way to pay for it all.

That may sound ambitious, but these goals have already been initiated in our culture and in Congress, albeit only in part and with many false starts. This initiative provides a coordinated, holistic approach to fulfilling those goals and is intended for all Americans, and to use their influence to compel Congress to enact the NMA.

The NMA is a legislative win-win. This initiative benefits our whole nation. By bringing together both sides of the aisle, especially those who already agree and acknowledge the facts behind the NMA, we will be able to move forward as one united nation.


Please join us and help.


Action is our only option.


Clean Energy

Now is an opportune time to have a clean-air race.

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Climate Stability

There is no doubt that the temperature of our climate is rising. The NMA is an antidote for global warming. 

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Improved Infrastructure

The goal is to have safe, smooth roads for everyone and a modernized electric grid.

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Abundant Jobs

Redeployment, employment, and training provides the way to build our workforce similar to the way our Armed Forces utilizes its manpower.  

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The Way to Pay for It All

To issue U.S. NMA Bonds solely dedicated to this initiative now, and pay them back in the future with cheaper dollars, is more than a good investment; it achieves fulfillment of a vital necessity and is a great deal at today's historic low interest rates.

It is not a permanent tax increase or ongoing expense. Once the bonds are paid off, our tax bills will decrease. 

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